16 Reasons Why You Need To Move To Ireland, Right Now!

1. Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is a route all along the west coast of Ireland, with some stops on the north and south coasts too. Along the way, you’ll see beautiful beaches, picturesque Irish towns and amazing landscapes. This is definitely one to put on the bucket list.

2. Weekends away in stunning castles all over Ireland


There’s dozens of castles to stay in all over Ireland surrounded by beautiful landscapes. It’s great for romantic weekends or if you just want to spoil yourself and feel like royalty for a night.

3. The people and the craic


Irish people are some of the kindest, funniest, and most welcoming people you will ever meet. They always have lots of banter and can instantly make you feel better when you’re down.

4. Great night life


Dublin, Cork and Galway are major party cities. Galway especially is known for its nights out. There’s nothing much else to say other than you have to go out in at least one of these cities once in your life.

5. Adoration For our President has reached tea cosy levels…

Our President, Michael D Higgins is a strong advocate of the arts, LGBT communities, multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity in Irish society. Basically, he’s 5’4″ of Irish legendary and is popular status is enpcasulated by being a symbolic guardian of one of our most important beverages…

6. Speaking of tea cosy’s, TEA!!

You will never have a cup of tea as good as you will in Ireland. I don’t know if it’s the tea, the milk, or what but when put together something magical happens… And if you want to really put it over the top, have a cookie with it. You won’t regret it. There’s nothing more Irish than a cupán tae (Gaelic) and friendly chat with whoever…


7. Irish dairy products

Three years ago when I went on Erasmus I really craved Irish milk and butter… My cereal, coffee, tea and toast didn’t taste right tasted wrong. The milk is just so creamy or something and the butter…oh the butter. To quote Gilmore Girls, “you haven’t tasted rolls until you’ve had them with Irish butter”.

8. Big companies mean big jobs

Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. A lot of major companies in the tech and pharmaceutical industry have headquarters here. The job opportunities are endless.

9. A sporting heritage unlike any other

All that green means we have built some of the world’s best golf courses. If golf is your game, come over and play! Ireland is also great for surfers. Something you also need to experience is traditional Irish sports. You haven’t seen a real sport until you’ve seen men beat each other with sticks during a game. We haven’t even mentioned a world-beating rugby team, a giant-killing cricket and a certain Mystic Mc…


10. Ireland produces great bands

Hozier, Walking on Cars, Kodaline, U2, and the list goes on. Ireland always produces really great bands. It gives you the opportunity to see them play for really cheap or even for free before they become huge and you can’t get tickets for their concerts because they sell out in 2.3 seconds.


Ireland also has one of the world’s best gig venues in the heart of Dublin City – the Olympia Theatre is very special.

11. No tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes, droughts…

All that really happens is that it rains. So you don’t have to worry about any natural disasters happening, which is always a bonus in my book!

12. The landscapes

The rain brings a LOT of green, both in the countryside and in cities. This little rock is not called ‘The Emerald Isle’ for nothing. When the sun is shining the green landscapes are simply breath-taking.

13. Music festivals

You won’t have to worry about carefully packing everything in your suitcase and flying to some far away land for festivals, just stuff everything in your car and drive down to one of the thousands of festivals Ireland has every year.

14. The perfect hub to explore Europe

This point is more valid for people who are not living in Europe but Ireland is in such a good location. It’s like a 50-minute flight to London and only 2 hour flight to Italy. Weekend in Paris, anyone?

15. Traditional Irish pubs

They’re warm, filled with friendly locals and bar staff and sometimes there’s live music. They’re great just for chilling out after work or even for nights out.


16. St.Patricks Day

No explanation needed really. I mean, who does Paddy’s day better than the Irish?

(Also, just a quick FYI, it’s not St.Pattys day, its either St.Patricks day or Paddy’s day. Nothing else, so make sure you know this if you come over or you will get some weird/annoyed looks.)

17. The best Guinness in the world

Something happens to Guinness when it’s shipped to other countries. It’s not the same. Here you’ll have some real Guinness and if you go to the Guinness storehouse you can enjoy a pint of it in a bar overlooking all of Dublin city.

18. Our Work in Ireland community

Ok, we’re are biased here but it’s worth mentioning that when you come on the Work in Ireland Program, it’s not just a visa, it’s a closely knit and diverse community. We support our participants with a central hub including wi-fi, jobs boards and accommodation listings and run monthly socials together as a group – Glendalough, Game of Thrones Tour in Belfast and Trampoline Dodgeball are all on the list!

Interested in coming to Ireland? Drop us a line wii@usit.ie or call Martha, Lauren or Dearbhla on + 353 (1) 602 1888


The Official Best Pubs in Ireland

The National Hospitality Awards are an annual event accrediting well deserved recognition across various topics within the booming hospitality industry in Ireland. This November marked the 11th year of the event with prestigious awards and recognition being granted across the board.

One of the most important categories (in our opinion anyway) was of course, The Best Pubs in Ireland. So without further ado we present you with your next pub crawl list!

  1. The Stag’s Head, Dame Lane, Dublin 2A deserving winner and a city treasure of Victorian origin, the Stag’s Head Dublin is one of the most characteristic pubs in the country. As well as an appealing interior the pub holds some of Dublin’s most popular social events. Monday night’s Comedy Crunch is a must visit, offering hilarious skits from some of the country’s most popular and up and coming comedians. Friday and Saturday nights host the best Trad Session in the capital. The last Wednesday of every month, experience an evening with a difference and attend ‘The Brown Bread Mixtape’ a delicate blend of Irish stories, music and poetry. Delicious food & beer on tap there really is no wonder why this is the BEST pub in the country.


2. Lowry’s Irish Music & Whisky Bar, Market Street, Clifden, Co. Galway

Runner up and winner in 2015, Lowry’s is famous throughout Connemara as the best traditional Irish pub. Lowry’s provides live Irish trad sessions and craic 7 nights a week! Depending on the season, a variety of traditional Irish performers play on a weekly basis to tourists and locals alike from near and far. More than just your average bar Lowry’s offers over 100 different whisky’s and feature on the Irish Whisky Trail. The unique and welcoming atmosphere is an unquestionable stop for any west Ireland adventures.


3. Doheny & Nesbitt, Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2

Established in 1867 Doheny & Nesbitt is one of the oldest pubs in Ireland. In true Irish tradition it remains a family owned pub, adding to its charm. The unique history present is tastefully combined with a modern twist and makes this pub one of the most popular locations for sporting events. Delicious food is served on a daily menu and has attracted journalists and food experts wide and far.

Patrick Donald is an award winning fine art photographer living and working in Ireland.


Other worthy winners include the following;


  1. Vintage Cocktail Club, Temple Bar, Dublin 2
    An exclusive and intimate experience, VCC is a closed door portal to another time. Vintage surroundings and an extensive menu this is the ideal bar for group gatherings or date nights!
  1. Opium, Wexford Street, Dublin 2
    Split into two sections, a restaurant & cocktail lounge and a music venue & nightclub, Opium offers something for everyone. With unique dining and cocktail experiences combined with an ever changing music and entertainment scene, it is unsurprising that this bar features as a top spot in Ireland and one to check out on a buzzing Dublin weekend.
  2. 777, South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2
    A notorious city favourite exploring the best of Mexican culture to create a trendy dining experience and vibrant Tequila cocktails. With amazing food, award winning drinks and a vibrant funky atmosphere, 777 is ideal for food and cocktail lovers alike.


  1. The Wright Venue, Airside, Swords, Co. Dublin
    Ireland’s largest and multi-award winning venue hosts a variety of music and entertainment gigs over 3 floors, 7 bars and 12 unique experiences ensuring a night you won’t want to forget! With superstar DJ’s every other week it is the perfect place for celeb-spotting!
  1. Lillie’s Bordello, Grafton Street, Dublin 2
    A renowned city hotspot that hosts a luxurious setting and overlooks the prestigious Trinity College, this club has tons to offer! With 4 bars, 3 rooms and Ireland’s only micro-distillery ‘Lillie’s Lab’, live music and an extensive drinks menu it’s no wonder Lillie’s is Dublin’s worst kept secret.


  1. The Back Page, Phibsboro, Dublin 7
    The Back Page offers something for everyone, whether sports fanatic or complete rookie. With a games room, rotating draught beers, over 10 LCD screens, unbelievable pizza and a brand new brunch menu, as well as monthly themed events the Back Page is way more than just a Sports Bar!
  1. Sinnotts Bar, South Kings Street, Dublin 2
    Found below Stephens Green Shopping centre, Sinnotts is inevitably buzzing with people throughout the week. The historic location is home to a collection of literary pieces from renowned Irish artists and writers. 14 dedicated sports screens allow the bar to show all sporting events required simultaneously. No matter the event, the atmosphere during game day is an experience on another level.  
  1. The Living Room, Cathal Brugha St, Rotunda, Dublin 1
    Home to Europe’s largest outdoor screen, the Living Room is a must visit destination on match day! Visitors from near and far stop in to witness live events, craft beer, cocktails and food and stay for the late night live music and DJ.


  1. Toner’s, Baggot Street lower, Dublin 2
    One of Dublin’s oldest pubs Toners is also notably one of the most famous. A cosy snug, the Toner’s Yard beer garden and one of the best pints of Guinness to be had in the country can guarantee a satisfied customer. 
  1. Kehoe’s, South Anne Street, Dublin 2
    A classic Victorian style pub with decorative stained glass doors provides the ideal cosy setting for a pint. Surrounded by history and an untouched interior, shoppers, tourists and locals alike are transported back 100 years upon entering this timeless bar. 
  1. Crotty’s Kilrush, Market Square, Drimna, Kilrush, Co. Clare
    The best Traditional Irish music in the West of Ireland, Crotty’s also offers a bed and breakfast experience making it an ideal stop on your west of Ireland adventures. 5 distinctive areas, all hosting the traditional design and structures provides something everyone and is not to be missed. Experiences the privacy of your own snug or jump into the live trad sessions that occur every weekend.

Blog Post by Martha Fallon, Work in Ireland  

A full list of categories and winners can be found through Hospitality Ireland; http://www.hospitalityireland.com/national-hospitality-awards-2016-winners-revealed/34588