Why working in Ireland is the way to go

Since the day you first step foot onto your campus, one subject has been continually brought up in just about every orientation for freshman, majors, clubs, etc.- going abroad. Whether about studying, interning or volunteering, you’ve probably, at the very least, had an advisor or friend talk about travelling abroad once or twice. But at the time, travelling abroad just seemed impossible, right?

I mean sure, you could go during the semester, but then you might not necessarily get all of the credits you need for your major. Also don’t even get me started about the summer, that’s when you already have one or three jobs lined up to work! But even if you do have time during school, there’s that one little problem, and that’s the cost of being abroad. How in the world are you going to pay for it? Before you give up completely on your dream of going abroad, we have a solution that just might solve all of those problems- work in Ireland for a year.

So you’ve just graduated, or at least you’re graduating soon and you’re stuck on what your next move should be for your career. BAM! Here’s where working in Ireland comes into play. Ireland offers tons of opportunities to work for multinational companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and much more! By working in Ireland you can live abroad and potentially be making money for a top rated company. Not convinced that working in Ireland would be totally worth the trip after graduation? No worries, we’ve got a couple of reasons we are sure will convince you otherwise.

One of the Best countries to live in


Ireland’s been rated one of the best countries to live in abroad several times. Wondering just why? Well, Ireland is full of friendly and personable people who are always willing to share a laugh and their witty humor. Ireland is also home to some entertaining folklore from leprechauns, pots of gold and the days of when Vikings and Medieval kings ruled Ireland.

Mind the Gap


In comparison to other European countries, Ireland is near the top of the list, for its competitive wages for workers. If you want to work in a place where you can receive a decent wage for whatever job you’re particularly interested in making sure you aren’t short-changed for your skills. Recent graduates may look at past years to see how starting wages have changed in Ireland. There’s also this handy dandy site that enables you to look up the starting wage rate per position so you can determine which job area in Ireland may be the best for you.

Conveniently Located


If you hate long flights, good because it’s not too long of a flight to get from the States or Canda to Ireland. It’s also several quick flights over to any other European countries you have an interest in travelling to too. You’ve dreamed of going to Paris, so why not work during the week and then plan a quick weekend getaway to the city of love? Fly out of Dublin and the trip will take a whopping hour and thirty-five minutes.

How’s that for short? Also, did we mention how easy it is to travel for cheap once you’re in Europe? Airlines like Ryanair have tons of offers for flying to and from places in Europe, so chances are, you can always find a deal to save most that money you been earning at your new gig for Amazon.

Opens your possibilities


Traveling abroad opens your mind. It opens your world view, it opens your opportunities, etc, etc. Okay, you’ve heard that one a million times too, but just how exactly does it do that, and how can working in Ireland do all of these wonderful things for you too? Landing a job in Ireland can help you learn about another culture, and trust us there’s a lot of culture and history you can learn about in Ireland beyond the usual one you’ve heard about leprechauns, pots of gold and pints of Guinness. Ireland is full of friendly people, so you’ll also feel more comfortable talking and associating with people you aren’t familiar with. Talk about a great boost to your confidence and skill levels, you’ll acquire at your job.

Want to learn more about how you could score one of these awesome jobs and live and work in Ireland? Contact the Work in Ireland team at +353 1 6021888 or email us,  wii@usit.ie.


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