Dublin: The New Start-Up Hub

Europe has a new player in the startup world and it is no other than Dublin who is now ranking eighth best European city for startups to settle down in. The Irish capital is becoming more and more attractive for entrepreneurs since Brexit has become the United Kingdom’s reality but its weak digital infrastructure is yet to be improved for it to rise further in the rankings. The European Digital Forums think-tank is a place and time during which entrepreneurs come together to rank cities based on their ability to grow companies with a minimum of 10 employees as well as 9 other criteria such as, lifestyle and access to funding.

Dublin ranked eighth position, one position better than last year. The biggest complications it is facing is due to the high cost of broadband and its poor fibre internet range across the city. On the other hand Dublin ranks very well in entrepreneurial culture as well as monitoring and managerial assistance coming second and first respectively coming 2nd behind London which is known to have the highest multicultural diversity within the cities startup workforce and has a history of very successful digital companies. Moving along, Dublin ranks 11th best European city to access capital from which it has obtained the title of being ‘the world’s capital for travel tech’ therefore stimulating their already very strong reputation within the software fintech and payments world.


But there are many other reasons why Dublin has a good chance at becoming the next European cool, trendy and tech city, such as:

Dublin acts as the bridge between Europe and the United States/ It’s the place US advancement comes to scale globally and the hopping off point into the US for new businesses from all over Europe. London-Dublin is the second busiest flight course in the world and each key European market is only a two hour flight away.

Altogether Dublin is much less expensive than London as far as salaries and basic cost of living. Dublin is the place tech loving millennials of the world love to live, study and work. A large majority of inhabitants are below the age of 30 and have all obtained computer science or data science diplomas from Universities such as Dublin City University, Trinity college or Dublin institute of Technology all ranking very well in the world of computer science technologies.

In 2016 $888M in funding was secured for  for Irish startups. More than 46% of that was raised through overseas investors, and the 10% from seed stage investors. The Irish government, through its office, Enterprise Ireland, plays a fundamental part in early stage investments in Ireland, but also have managed to grow a strong venture capital and investor community throughout the country.

The Silicon Docks of Dublin is the neighbourhood referred to as ‘home’ by the like of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Airbnb, Eventbrite, HubSpot, Twitter, Etsy, Amazon and 250 more global tech companies all based in Dublin. All together they have employed thousands of Irish techies, marketing and sales gurus and have also contributed to Dublin international dimension by bringing people from all over the world to work in their offices in Dublin.


Overall Dublin seems like the next European best thing, where you will find a combination of young trendy and international aspects all in one cute and very welcoming location. Furthermore Ireland also offers some amazing nature experience with possibility to see amazing views and hike in beautiful places all at a very close proximity to Dublin.


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