I could hear my marketing professor’s voice sounding through the large lecture hall about something to the effect of what targeted advertising was. I wasn’t paying attention, however, but unlike the girl sitting in front of me it wasn’t because I was online clothes shopping at Forever 21, but rather staring intently at my school email desperately waiting for a message I’d been stressing out about for weeks.

My advisor had told me I would find out that fatefully boring, Thursday morning lecture whether I would be offered an internship in Ireland or not. After one extremely long lecture slide where I forced myself to pay attention to my professor, I finally noticed a new message in my inbox; I had been given an offer to serve as a marketing intern for USIT in Dublin, Ireland.

I screamed! Well silently, of course, it would have been a bit odd if I had screamed loudly in the middle of my professor’s lecture, because I was so excited to finally know I had been offered an internship. I can’t remember the email I had sent in acceptance of the offer, but I believe it included lots of exclamation points and smiley faces. And with that, I was going to Ireland.

Belfast 2
Dark Hedges, anyone?

Fast forward one broken iPhone, a stolen credit card and a dozen weekend trips later, I’m plagued by the sad realization that my dream of working in Ireland is now coming to an end. With so little time left I’ve decided to commemorate one of the best decisions, I made when I stumbled across my marketing internship with USIT on my university’s website, by sharing everything that I love and am going to miss about working in Ireland.

Ireland’s Beautiful Getaways

Cliffs of Moher, Galway
Inch Beach, Kerry

Believe it or not, you don’t have to leave Ireland to go to the beach or relaxing getaway, just maybe if you actually want to go for a warm swim. Ireland may not have a hundred million old buildings as many other European countries, but it has an absolutely endless amount of huge gorges, edgy cliffs, and long winding coastlines that you absolutely must see!

The People you find in Pubs

traveling around
Messing around on a weekend trip

No, you don’t always have to meet people in pubs in Ireland, but it’s a pretty good place to start if you really want to meet some interesting characters. Everyone in Ireland is extremely friendly and is always happy to meet a new person. I had no problem at all meeting new people and making some new friends while I was in Ireland, and I think that’s definitely one of the best parts of Ireland I’m going to miss the most. With their witty remarks and upbeat attitude, it’s hard not to like a lot of the Irish. If you happen to be based in Dublin, you’ll meet more than just Irish people due to its many international companies, since I’ve been in Ireland I’ve met other people from the States, Canada, Bangladesh, France, Brazil, India, Mexico and many more!

Dublin’s Charm 

Ha’ penny Bridge, Dublin
Dublin at night
Ha’ penny Bridge lit up at night

Dublin doesn’t get enough credit for how charming it truly can be. Sure it may not exactly seem so around the rush hour with double decker buses and hectic pedestrians running around trying to get to work every morning, but the city certainly has its charm. From Trinity College to Stephen’s Green Park, to Ha’penny Bridge near the center of the city, there are many little aspects about this city that I’m going to miss discovering each and every day.

Pheonix Park 

Phoenix Park
Phoenix Park view of Wicklow Mountains, Dublin
Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Dublin

Is it weird to be sentimentally attached to a park? Wait, don’t answer that question. As a runner and an outdoorsy kind of gal, I LOVE Phoenix Park and all of the parks in Ireland in general. Beautifully kept and quiet, most people don’t think to escape to the local parks when they travel but when they do that, they sadly miss out on some of the best parts a city or place has to offer. So many locals also enjoy the parks, so if you are looking to make more friends, head to Phoenix on a sunny day and run with one of the large marathon training groups. Don’t worry about having to be a marathon runner yourself, they’ll take it easy on you, but it’s a great way to meet new people and have fun exploring a part of the city.

The Internship Experience


Most of all I’m going to miss working with an incredibly fun group of people. Though you may not all have the chance to work for USIT, I hope when you, dear reader, come to Ireland you’re able to find a group of people has supportive and interesting as them. I’ve learned so much from my experience interning abroad and working in an environment that’s much more diverse and challenging than other places I’ve worked. I can’t wait until I’m able to take the skills I learned at my internship and apply them when I return to the States.

Though I’m glad I will be able to see my friends from home when I return back to the States, I’m sad to leave all the friends I made in Ireland, but thankful for the chance to meet them in the first place.

As the Irish say, ‘Thanks a mil, Ireland. Cheers.’


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