Think your name is hard to pronounce? It’s about time you took Gaelic for a spin. It’s often the double vowel that catches out many people when they try to pronounce Irish names. Here are 18 names to practice before you visit the Emerald Isle:

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  1. Máiréad


Meaning: Pearl

English version: Margaret.

  1. Róisín


Meaning: Rose.

  1. Padraig/Pauraic

PronouncedPaw-drig or paw-rick

Meaning: Nobly born

English version: Patrick

  1. Muireann

Pronounced: Mur + in

Meaning: Star of the sea

English version: Maureen

  1. Saoirse

Pronounced: Seer-sha or ser-sha

Meaning: Freedom

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  1. Ciarán

Pronounced: Key-Ron

Meaning:  ‘little dark one.’

Female version: Ciara

  1. Aoife


Meaning: Beauty, radiance

English version: Eva

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  1. Gráinne

Meaning: Charming. Love.

Pronounced: GRAW-nya


  1. Sadhbh

Pronounced: SAH-eev

Meaning: sweet, goodness

  1. Oisín

Pronounced: osh + een

Meaning: little deer

  1. Meadhbh

Pronouced: May V

Meaning: Happiness

  1. Odhran

Pronounced: O ran

Meaning: Dark-haired

  1. Siobhán

Pronounced: Shiv-awn

Meaning: God is gracious

English version: Joan

  1. Sinéad

Pronounced: shin-aid

Meaning: God is gracious

English version: Janet

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  1. Bláithnaid

Pronounced:  blaw + nid

Meaning: flower, blossom.

  1. Niamh

Pronounced: Neev

Meaning: Radiant

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  1. Ruaidhri

Pronounced:  ROH-ree

Meaning: red, rust-coloured

  1. Tadhg

Pronounced: Tyge

Meaning: A poet

English version: Timothy


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