A Few Ways To Entertain Yourself In Dublin

Dublin is a very popular travel destination, to the point that it probably goes without saying. Ask the average tourist what he or she wants to do there, however, and that person might just draw a blank! That’s no slight on the city – actually it’s something of a compliment. Dublin has a universal and general appeal; people learn about it from films or books, hear about it from students who studied abroad there, or simply want to visit it because they want to explore Ireland. As for Dublin itself, however, a lot of prospective visitors might not be able to tell you what they want to do aside from a pub crawl.

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Participant Spotlight: Hayley’s Guide To Dublin & The Nightlife!

The No.1 reason we decided to set up our Work and Travel in Ireland blog wasn’t to allow us to bang on about why, being Irish, we think Ireland is great. Don’t get us wrong, we’re 100% confident we are right when we tell you Ireland is great but the sceptics will inevitably cry foul! The real reason we set up the blog was to hear from the most important people to our program – those taking part!

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