Dublin’s Best Food

  1. Fish-n-Chips

Hot, greasy and salty, this option is an Irish classic and a personal favorite. Hands-down the best fish-n-chips in Dublin is Leo Burdock’s. I am personally loyal to the original location at 2 Werburgh Street (downhill from Christ Church Cathedral, just past Lord Edward pub). This is carry-out only so I usually picnic by Dublin Castle or one of the cathedrals. However, if you want indoor seating then go for one of their newer locations: Temple Bar, Rathmines, Dundrum or The Square Tallaght.

Insider tip: The portions are huge! One order of chips will feed 2-3 people. Always ask for salt & vinegar.

Livy via flickr
Livy via flickr
  1. Avoca Cafe

More wholesome and comfortable than fish-n-chips, Avoca Cafe is the gold-standard in Irish cafe dining. Combining traditional Irish home-style cooking with more exotic fare, their seasonal menu always has something new. And the locations are beautiful! Mount Rushmore Gardens, Powerscourt Gardens, Fern House, and Avoca Village each deserve a visit in their own right – a lovely cafe is just icing on the cake.

Insider tip: For a budget-friendly meal, just order a salad and a dessert. They are to die for!

Avoca Ireland via flickr
Avoca Ireland via flickr

3. Marks and Spencers Rooftop Cafe

In the Grafton Street location of Marks and Spencers is one of Dublin’s best-kept secrets, a rooftop cafe. The views aren’t all that amazing but it’s a great spot to take a break and watch the world passing by down below on Grafton Street. Tea, cakes, and free wifi — what more do you need?

Insider tip: Downstairs in the “Food Hall” is the Marks&Sparks grocery store full of hipster goodies like pre-made meals and vegetarian sweets (Percy Pigs are the best).

  1. Farmers Markets

Every weekend Farmer’s Markets fill the parks throughout Ireland. Go in the morning for fresh veg or wander over around lunch time for street food. Nutella crepes are a childhood favorite. Some markets in the Dublin area include Christ Church Cathedral, Marley Park, Bushy Park and Dun Laoghaire. You can probably find one in your neighborhood.

Insider tip: Bring a grocery bag for fresh veg, second hand books, or locally crafted souvenirs – you won’t be leaving empty-handed.

  1. Carvery Lunch

A unique aspect of Irish pubs is their day-time business as a family-friendly restaurant. Each Sunday pubs across the nation fill up with families out for “Sunday dinner” i.e. late lunch. A carvery is a buffet-style meal where you choose from a selection of roast meats which are “carved” to order. Sides usually include boiled carrots and parsnips, sauteed cabbage, and plenty of potatoes. Pubs can gain quite a reputation for the quality of their carvery lunches so ask around to find your “local.” My old neighborhood’s best carvery lunch was The Eden (on the 16 bus route near Pearse Park).

Insider tip: Generally, the longer the line the better the food!

Jeremy Keith via flickr

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